Twinning_1200Twinning will be on display from March 26 through April 12, 2013. A public reception is scheduled for April 11th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.


Saihou Omar Njie was born in Banjul, The Gambia, in West Africa.

His mother was a textile artist and his father was a retail merchant. He is the ninth of ten children. One brother was very gifted in drawing and Saihou copied his drawings so much that he thinks he robbed his skills off him. Saihou became the artist and the brother chose accounting.

At age twenty-one, Saihou traveled to the USA to pursue a higher education. He studied Art and photography at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. Among other things, Saihou has a wide variety of experiences that include African Dance, Drumming, Fashion Design and Art Therapy. He is renowned for his Batik art, which is collected internationally.

Saihou owns an art business called Makitaara Studios. Also, through the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and ArtsErie, he works as a Teaching Artist for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts’ Artist in Residence Program.

This exhibition, TWINNING, is a dream come true for Saihou. Funded by the Pittsburgh Foundation, Saihou traveled to Gambia, Ghana and Senegal in an effort to find and match one hundred Africans with their African American lookalikes. After centuries of separation and cultural transformation of the African in America, the two people still share traits. Here, Saihou is attempting to highlight the kinship ties by presenting to you hard copies of this reality.

Also in this show, there are a few samples of Saihou’s batiks.