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Summer Studios for youth are now full. Thank you for your interest!

Three two-week sessions for students 10-13 years old, Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm. Students will work in three of our four studios every day, creating a variety of projects.

Session 1 – June 27 – July 8

Design, Digital, Ceramics
Print Draw Paint – Use screenprinting, drawing, and painting to tell your own original stories.
Digital Expressions – Utilize various techniques and programs to create unique pieces of art and music.
Totem Poles – Sculpt and build your own one-of-a-kind ceramic totem pole.100x100_Jill

Session 2 – July 11 -–July 22

Design, Photo, Ceramics
Start the Presses – Come get your creative juices flowing and learn how to use a printing press.
Multimedia – Explore photography with a variety of cameras and processes.
Functional – In this class, we’ll make pots that you can use, including plates, bowls, and cups.

Session 3 – July 25 – August 5100x100_Rickie

Digital, Photo, Ceramics
Electric Avenue – Use our specialized software to take your art higher!
Photo Explorations – Explore the wonders of digital photography.
Crazy Creatures – Sculpt your favorite animal, or combine animals to make a new crazy creature.


Miss Kaaaaaaaaat!For availability and other questions, please contact Kat Gregor at 412-322-1773 x196

Our Studios & Processes

• Hand Building
• Wheel Throwing

• Digital Photography
• Film & Darkroom

• Screen Printing
• Fashion & Textiles

• Photoshop
• Music & Video


Contact contact Kat Gregor at 412-322-1773 x196

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