High School

Three two-week sessions for students 14-18 years old, Monday-Friday 1pm – 4pm. Each two-week session is focused in one studio, with students spending three hours in photography, ceramics, or digital.

June 26 – July 7, 2017*
Interactive Collaborative – Join forces with your fellow artists to create large-scale, interactive works of art. Learn about interactive art and performance through the ages, and then brainstorm your own creation through drawing and 3-D model-building.

July 10 – July 21, 2017
Video 360! – Learn to shoot and edit 360° videos for virtual headsets. After it’s complete you’ll upload the videos to the Internet to share with your friends. You’ll also assemble and customize your own VR headset.

July 24 – Aug 4, 2017
Wheel Wizardry – Want to improve your potter’s wheel skills and get experience firing a gas kiln? In this class you’ll be spending the majority of your time working on the potter’s wheel. Then, you’ll learn how kilns are loaded and how glazing is done.

For availability and other questions, please contact Rose Mary Gubser at 412-322-1773 x302rmgubser@manchesterbidwell.org.

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