Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

Stop Collaborate and ListenStop, Collaborate, and Listen was a class that ran during the fall trimester at MCG Youth and Arts. During this class students from our design studio and our ceramics studio learned how to share interdisciplinary techniques to create unique works of art. This class was featured during National Clay Week which included a one hour Instagram live stream on October 11th, and received an artist spotlight in the January issue of Ceramics Monthly, a nationally circulated magazine. During the gallery crawl we will be showcasing the work that the students created during this class.

The exhibition runs from Friday, January 26 through March 31 at the Susan Zubik Welcome Center at Catholic Charities, 212 Ninth Street in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. The opening reception is on September 23rd from 5:30 – 9:30 pm, in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Gallery Crawl.