Make meaningful connections to learning through art. If you are a teacher seeking to catalyze imagination and cognition, connect with MCG for learning experiences that ignite student interest and engagement. Hands-on arts learning brings communications concepts to life through vocabulary, description, analysis and synthesis.

Artists-In-Schools (AIS) places MCG teaching artists in classrooms. Collaborate with us to develop projects for your students that extend the scope of your resources, connect to academic standards, foster the development of problem-solving skills or simply make learning more fun and challenging. AIS projects are a great way to enhance the school environment!

Studio Seminars make any of the MCG’s four studios a laboratory for learning. Through single-or multi-day experiences, MCG works with teachers to identify and customize a hands-on learning experience that can come to life through the exceptional qualities and resources of our learning environment. Our studios are filled with professional quality tools and software that will enable young learners to explore art forms, career opportunities while realizing exceptional and tangible outcomes.

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