Video, Electronic & STEAM

Tatyanna Bermudez
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12
Teacher: Dennis Childers

“Island” – Digital Illustration

Thomas Bowens
Pittsburgh Sci-Tech
Teacher: James Gouker

“Transparency” – Digital Art

Joshua Brown
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12
Teacher: Shannon Pultz

“The pieces I submitted are about how I see the world around me, very bright with lots of plants and beauty. I capture that beauty in my art works and present it to you. I believe that my pieces create emotion for the viewers and affect how everyone sees them.”

“Golden Dreamlocks” – Digital Art

Max DeFlitch
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12
Teacher: Shannon Pultz

“For “Bull Sketch” I started sketches of bulls from my notebook with only pencil and then decided to bring it to photoshop and further the design. For “Modern Isometric” I recently learned about isometric perspective so I designed two modern houses on pencil and paper, then illustrated them in photoshop.”

“Bull Sketch” – Digital Illustration
“Modern Isometric” – Digital Illustration

Tyell Eleam
Pittsburgh Allderdice
Teacher: Kelly Lanzendorfer

“My art represents the past and present of different art mediums. Growing up, there’s a constant struggle in the art field to appease different generations. My art is something I enjoy and someone of any age can enjoy as well.”

“Kill To Be in the Center” – Mixed Media
“One With Nature” – Mixed Media

Alyissa Farmer
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12
Teacher: Shannon Pultz

“Art is creative freedom. I use art as an outlet to express ideas, emotions, or to entertain. The mediums I favor include digital art, watercolor, ink pens, pencil, animation, and video art, but I am always open to working with different mediums. The style I like to work with the most is semi-realism and cartoonism. Inspiration for some of my work is internet media and music like graphic novels, cartoons, etc. As an artist I look forward to expanding my knowledge and work to make it into my profession.”

“Dysphoria” – Digital Art
“Ozymandias” – Digital Illustration

Gaige Hailey
Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild
Teacher: Jill Wiggins

“Desert” – Photoshop
“Ship” – Photoshop

Crystal Lakatos
City Charter
Teacher: Chelsea Eckels

“I create art to showcase everyday people in a way that makes them feel truly beautiful. When doing a portrait, I try to capture the features of an individual that make them a unique person. I especially love doing eyes because I feel as though they are the window to the soul. Overall, art for me is a way of showing people how beautiful they are through someone else’s eyes.”

“A Tiny Window to the Soul” – Digital Illustration
“Just Smile” – Digital Illustration
“The Girl Behind the Blinds” – Digital Illustration

Montana Lenz
Pittsburgh Allderdice
Teacher: Meghan Mager

“This is a collection of my work through oil painting, digital art, and drawing.”

“Digital Horse” – Digital Illustration

Sydney Marts
East Allegheny
Teacher: Heather Hallick

“I show my emotions through painting. The pieces I have created for this competition have a hidden meaning of emotions. They represent what I have gone through while creating these pieces; the showing of true raw feelings.”

“Leroy” – Photoshop

Breyona Mayfield
Pittsburgh Milliones
Teacher: Christen Robl

“I like to get inspiration from characters I read about in books or learn about in other media. Sometimes my characters are inspired by things I have written. I prefer digital illustration, but I have been trying different mediums lately. Most of my art is personally connected to me and allows me to vent my feelings.”

“Simone” – Digital Illustration
“Untitled” – Digital Illustration

Aidan McDowell 
Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild
Teacher: Jeff Guerrero

“Grifter” – Digital Art
“Captain Thunder” – Digital Art

Shariah Mitchel
Propel Andrews Street
Teacher: Desiree Matia

“Hiding in Flowers” – Digital Collage

Polina Novikova
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12
Teacher: Dennis Childers

“Boxes” –  Video

Jo Pastorius
Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild
Teacher: Jill Wiggins

“Untitled” – Photoshop

Mandy Ruffing
East Allegheny
Teacher: Heather Hallick

“All of my pieces were made for the same purpose. I wanted to start adding a scary but innocent feeling to my newer pieces. My goal for these pieces was to start coming up with a consistent style and trend with my art that has a visible story behind it. I think I reached my goal with these pieces. These pieces really taught me the skill of patience. These pieces really helped me develop what my style and mindset are now. I love all of my pieces and I think they symbolize what my style as an artist really is.”

“I’m Number One” – Digital Illustration

Serenity Safran
Propel Andrew Street
Teacher: Desiree Matia

“The Power of Love” – Digital Collage

Mariah Sanchez
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12
Teacher: Dennis Childers

“Sumo the Bird” – Video

Jack Staunton
Pittsburgh Sci-Tech
James Gouker

“The Theatre of the Mind” – Digital Art

Tomokiyo Yutaka
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12
Teacher: Dennis Childers

“Tripy Thingy” – Video

Della Wagner
Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild
Teacher: Jill Wiggins

“Alien Habitat” – Photoshop

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