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Art today is not just a collection of objects to see in a museum or an event with performers on a stage. Art can also be a way of cultivating habits, seeing, imagining, solving problems and acting with others in the world. During out of school time, MCG provides a safe, nurturing environment where students are free to make decisions about their learning with the supportive guidance of caring mentors while working in exceptional studios with industry standard tools and resources.

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Research shows that the arts can help students succeed in many ways. When students have the means and opportunity to express themselves they are empowered with the ability to communicate about what matters to them. Recent studies have also indicated that stress can be counterproductive to learning by disabling neural pathways.

The world we inhabit is rapidly changing. As technologies evolve at ever-increasing rates, learning how to learn may be more important than what we already know. Deep arts learning at MCG involves the integration of three domains of learning: Art Awareness, Sense of Self and Others, and Passion for Learning. Taken together, these domains recognize that skills, knowledge, context, communication, resiliency and enthusiasm are essential to successful futures.

MCG extends an invitation to learn more about our programs and mission of educating and inspiring urban youth through the arts and mentorship.

Working together, we can help students discover what moves them and work towards the futures that they envision.