Manchester Craftsmen's Guild

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David Deily
Vice President
412-322-1773 x193

Justin Mazzei
412-322-1773 x308

Rose Mary Gubser
Executive Assistant
412-322-1773 x302

Kat Gregor
Student Services
412-322-1773 x196

Jill Wiggins
Database Manager/Teaching Artist
412-322-1773 x378

Jeff Guerrero
Production Associate/Teaching Artist
412-322-1773 x195

Samantha Rapp
College Placement Specialist
412-322-1773 x128

Di-ay Battad
Teaching Artist, Design Arts
412-322-1773 x134

Richena Brockinson
Teaching Artist, Photography
412-322-1773 x114

Keith Hershberger
Teaching Artist, Ceramics
412-322-1773 x301

Ben Pyles
Teaching Artist, Design
412-322-1773 x307

K. Shabazz
Teaching Artist, Digital
412-322-1773 x310

Beyvan Schantz
Teaching Artist, Ceramics
412-322-1773 x112

Germaine Watkins
Teaching Artist, Photography
412-322-1773 x114

Jolie Valentine
Studio Technician, Ceramics
412-322-1773 x112

Our Mission

MCG Youth and Arts admits students of any race, sex, national origin, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

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