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Editor In Chief

Mondays, Mar 24 – May 26 (8 classes*)

*No class on Apr 14 & May 26

Teaching Artist: Richena Brockinson

Open To: All Experience Levels

Have you ever wanted to create your own magazine? Then let’s do it! In this class you’ll learn to take charge by learning the art of communication through photography. You’ll create your very own mini magazine of the stuff that interests you; fashion, sports, art and more.  Learn to lay out and design your magazine using typography and programs like InDesign and Photoshop. Don’t know how to use a DSLR camera? Don’t worry, you’ll learn that, too.


Neighborhood Sketchbook

Tuesdays, Mar 25 – May 27 (9 classes*)

*No class on Apr 15

Teaching Artist: Germaine Watkins

Open To: All Experience Levels

Do you know the 411 of the 412? Come along for the ride as we take numerous field trips through Pittsburgh’s historic neighborhoods. Through photography, we’ll attempt to capture the essence of Pittsburgh. We’ll show people why our city has been repeatedly named one of the country’s most live-able cities. Learn the intricacies of the DSLR camera and Adobe Photoshop, as well as interviewing techniques, and we’ll take to the web to blog about our findings.


Multi-Media Nature

Wednesdays, Mar 26 – May 28 (9 classes*)

*No class on Apr 16

Teaching Artist: Richena Brockinson

Open To: All Experience Levels

Let’s explore nature by experimenting with different forms of film and digital photography. In this class we’ll go on fieldtrips to surrounding parks and trails, using a 35mm camera and film both in Black and White and Color. You’ll learn how to use a manual film camera as well as developing the Black and White film in the darkroom. You’ll also learn how to scan both your Black and White and Color film onto the computer and edit through programs like Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.


Holga Mania

Thursdays, Mar 27 – May 29 (8 classes*)

*No class on Apr 17 & May 8

Teaching Artist: Germaine Watkins

Open To: All Experience Levels

This course will help you grow your love of film photography. Students will engage in learning medium format film with the use of the Holga camera. This plastic medium format camera helps you to become creative by shooting “antique” looking images like those on Instagram. One major significance of medium format is that you’ll be able to print huge! Come along on the adventure exploring black and white film photography.


We Offer:

• An environment that is a safe, nurturing sanctuary for creative expression;
• A climate that instills pride, personal value and hope;
• Student strengths are used to determine direction and goals;
• Relationships are the heart of the process;
• Successes are celebrated.

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Our varied studio courses and workshops offer great opportunities for:
• skill development;
• critical thinking;
• experiential learning;
• preparation for careers and higher education;
• individualized mentoring;
• portfolio development;
• educational travel;
• service learning;
• scholarship help.

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