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Multimedia Nature
Mondays, Sept 21 – Nov 16 (8 classes*)
*No class on Sept 14, Oct 12
Teaching Artist: Rici Brockinson
Open To: All Experience Levels
This annual class is a great introduction to the world of photography. You’ll explore nature using film and digital cameras. The projects you’ll work on will include digital transparencies, 4×5 large format film, Holga or 35mm prints, digital macro and even a dash of infrared photography. Of course you’ll do “regular” photography, too. At the end of this class you’ll have prints to present in galleries as well as to show family and friends.

Film Exploration
Tuesdays, Sept 15 – Nov 17 (9 classes*)
*No class on Nov 3
Teaching Artist: Rici Brockinson
Open To: All Experience Levels
I’m bringing tintype back… Them other processes don’t know how to act… In this class you’ll create your very own images on metal as well as on glass/plexiglass (ambrotype). Other projects will include cyanotypes, emulsion transfers using Polaroid film, sepia toning, and more. Use 35 mm black and white film to make some alternative prints, too. In the end, you’ll have some funky prints to display, and you’ll take home your very own tintypes.

Come Together
Wednesdays, Sept 16 – Nov 18 (8 classes*)
*No class on Sept 23, Nov 11
Teaching Artist: Germaine Watkins
Open To: All Experience Levels
In this class you’ll create unique compositions by combining a variety of images. Weave together black and white and color photographs, combine digital images, mix-up your pictures with your friends’, or create a wacky family photo. Use photo-chop (scissors and glue) and Photoshop to collage and montage. Deconstruct then reconstruct to produce a funny caricature or a modern masterpiece. You can use our amazing collection of cameras and world-class equipment to let your creativity go wild.

The Shooting Spirit
Thursdays, Sept 17 – Nov 19 (9 classes*)
*No class on Oct 15
Teaching Artist: Germaine Watkins
Open To: All Experience Levels
Get in the spirit of film photography. In this course you’ll learn about traditional black and white 35mm film photography. You’ll use the Pentax K1000 SLR camera, and learn how manually adjusting the shutter speed and aperture settings allow you to produce incredible photographs. This class will take you to numerous local places of worship, where you’ll have an opportunity to photograph some amazing architecture and interior design.

We Offer:

• An environment that is a safe, nurturing sanctuary for creative expression;
• A climate that instills pride, personal value and hope;
• Student strengths are used to determine direction and goals;
• Relationships are the heart of the process;
• Successes are celebrated.

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Our varied studio courses and workshops offer great opportunities for:
• skill development;
• critical thinking;
• experiential learning;
• preparation for careers and higher education;
• individualized mentoring;
• portfolio development;
• educational travel;
• service learning;
• scholarship help.

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