Manchester Craftsmen's Guild


Mondays, Jan 5 – Mar 2 (7 classes*)
*No class on Jan 19, Feb 16
Teaching Artist: Richena Brockinson
Open To: All Experience Levels
This winter may keep us inside but we’ll be having fun making creative imagery to care. In PhotoType, we’ll turn our images that we take using a DLSR and film cameras into posters, postcards and anything else using Typography. We’ll use Photoshop and Bridge to edit then In-Design for layout. We’ll also develop film and scan the images, uploading to our flash drives to edit. We’ll go on a field-trip, too (weather permitting).

The Social
Tuesdays, Jan 6 – Mar 3 (8 classes*)
*No class on Jan 20
Teaching Artist: Richena Brockinson
Open To: All Experience Levels
Do you want to know how to create an online website from a template? Adding photos, type and working along side professional photographers. You’ll learn all these things and gain experience from the pros using a DSLR camera to capture documentary and still life photography. We’ll also use Photoshop and Bridge to edit images. Also, we’ll go on field-trips with other professional photographers and use the portrait studio.

Darkroom Mania
Wednesdays, Jan 7 – Mar 4 (8 classes*)
*No class on Jan 21
Teaching Artist: Germaine Watkins
Open To: All Experience Levels
Students will enhance their black and white printing skills to the next level with negatives that they already have. For students that may not have prior darkroom experience, they will be able to start building their abilities. This course offers a chance to shoot black and white film then spend most of the time printing, printing and printing.

Foto Phun!
Thursdays, Jan 8 – Mar 5 (9 classes)
Teaching Artist: Germaine Watkins
Open To: All Experience Levels
Fun with photography is an exploration of creativity and experimentation. Learn the operations of the DSLR camera and the operations of studio lighting. You’ll then catapult that knowledge with experiments inside our portrait studio that will be astonishing. You’ll also explore the marvels of Photoshop to enhance and manipulate your images.

We Offer:

• An environment that is a safe, nurturing sanctuary for creative expression;
• A climate that instills pride, personal value and hope;
• Student strengths are used to determine direction and goals;
• Relationships are the heart of the process;
• Successes are celebrated.

See the current courses in:

Our varied studio courses and workshops offer great opportunities for:
• skill development;
• critical thinking;
• experiential learning;
• preparation for careers and higher education;
• individualized mentoring;
• portfolio development;
• educational travel;
• service learning;
• scholarship help.

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