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Art After Dark - Art classes for adults


All Gold Eveything! 3D Bling
Mondays, Sept 21 – Nov 16 (8 classes*)
*No class on Sept 14, Oct 12
Teaching Artist: K. Shabazz
Open To: All Experience Levels
Shine bright like a diamond… Or at least a 3D printed one. Step into Digital’s new Tech Suite to create your very own 3D bling. This is a jewelry making class with a twist—you’ll be using an innovative process called additive manufacturing (otherwise known as 3D printing) to create original pieces to wear and share. Design and print unique pieces while learning how to use this exciting new technology.

Digi Tech Buffet Suite
Tuesdays, Sept 15 – Nov 17 (9 classes*)
*No class on Nov 3
Teaching Artist: K. Shabazz and Jeff G.
Open To: All Experience Levels
Experience a smorgasbord of digital art processes. Each week you’ll have an opportunity to try something new: graphic design, digital music making, video editing, 3D modeling, additive manufacturing, laser cutting and engraving, and more. You’ll experience software such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, Sony Acid, and Sculptris—an incredible program where you virtually sculpt. Create prints, posters, buttons, keychains, jewelry, sculptures, videos, and more.

Anime Appreciation
Wednesdays, Sept 16 – Nov 18 (8 classes*)
*No class on Sept 23, Nov 11
Teaching Artist: Jeff Guerrero
Open To: All Experience Levels
Are you ready to go Super Saiyan with your artwork? We’re talking large-format, full-color posters. Not ready for that? You can hone your skills by sketching in your own hardbound sketchbook. When you’re ready, you can scan your art and use Photoshop to make it evolve into a whole new species. Then unlock the magic Wacom tablet to defeat the mighty Ganon… Err, to unlock your hidden potential.

Experience Tech Suite
Thursdays, Sept 17 – Nov 19 (9 classes*)
*No class on Oct 15
Teaching Artist: Jill Wiggins
Open To: All Experience Levels
Be the first class to get your geek on in MCG’s new, state of the art Tech Suite. Learn to create 3D models from scratch in 123D Design, Tinkercad and Sculptris. Then prepare to print your model on one of ten 3D printers. We’ll also do full body 3D scans of each other. You could become an action figure! And last but not least, you’ll have the opportunity to do laser engraving. BaZINGa!!!

We Offer:

• An environment that is a safe, nurturing sanctuary for creative expression;
• A climate that instills pride, personal value and hope;
• Student strengths are used to determine direction and goals;
• Relationships are the heart of the process;
• Successes are celebrated.

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Our varied studio courses and workshops offer great opportunities for:
• skill development;
• critical thinking;
• experiential learning;
• preparation for careers and higher education;
• individualized mentoring;
• portfolio development;
• educational travel;
• service learning;
• scholarship help.

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