Creative Painting with Oils
Mondays, April 1–May 20 (6 classes*)
*No Class April 15, April 22
Teaching Artist: Ben Pyles
Open to: All Experience Levels
Come learn the basics and benefits of working with oil paint. All skill levels are welcome, whether you are a seasoned painting veteran looking to get some practice in, or you’ve never touched paint before and have no clue what to do. Don’t worry if you’re not interested in painting some fruit on a table, this class will be focused on what YOU want to paint. We will provide the tools and the instruction, and the rest is up to your imagination.

Style Writing: The Art of Graffiti
Tuesdays, April 2–May 28 (7 classes*)
*No Class April 16, April 21
Teaching Artist: Ceci Ebitz
Open to: All Experience Levels
Learn about the history and skill of style-writing as we team up with River of Steel Arts Urban Arts Initiative to create a large-scale, graffiti-style mural for the MCG Design Studio. You will also create your own tag and practice new techniques with spray-paint and other materials.

Printing Like it’s 1905
Wednesdays, April 3–May 29 (6 classes*)
*No Class April 17, May 1
Teaching Artist: Ben Pyles
Open to: Experience With Block Printing Recommended
Discover a brand new way to print your wood blocks with the oldest piece of equipment in the building—the letterpress. The letterpress is a big, heavy machine capable of applying tons of pressure and rapidly creating many prints. It’s a machine that revolutionized the print industry, and we’re excited to work with it for the first time in our studio. Students will be creating their prints with wood, so some experience with block printing is recommended, but not required.

Fashion Remix
Thursdays, April 4–May 30 (8 classes*)
*No Class on April 18
Teaching Artist: Ceci Ebitz
Open to: All Experience Levels
Redd up your old duds with all the equipment design has to offer. We will be dyeing, painting, printing, sewing, and embroidering thrift store clothes to create one-of-a-kind fierce fashions. Present your runway-ready looks at Accomplishment in May!