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The Darker Crystal

Mondays, Mar 24 – May 26 (8 classes*)

*No class on Apr 14 & May 26

Teaching Artist: Beyvan Schantz

Open To: All Experience Levels

This is going to be pretty similar to my class last trimester, but hopefully with less snow days! In this class, we’ll explore the crystalline firing process. Crystalline firing is a process in which glazes are specially formulated to grow crystals on the surface of the glazed pot. The glazes and firing schedule that we’ll use are specific to this method of firing. We’ll be using porcelain and white stoneware to achieve the best effects. Crystalline pots cannot be used for food, so everything we make in this class will be decorative. Come try out a new way of making pots.


Out of the Round

Tuesdays, Mar 25 – May 27 (9 classes*)

*No class on Apr 15

Teaching Artist: Keith Hershberger

Open To: Students must have experience on the potter’s wheel

Do you get tired of making the same old shapes on the potter’s wheel? This is the class for you. In this class we’ll explore all the options you have to make pots any shape other than round (and a few options to make round pots differently). We’ll cut pots up and put them back together, we’ll paddle them, we’ll squeeze them, we’ll stretch them, we’ll make different parts and stick them together and any other thing that we can think of.


Wheel of Fortune

Wednesdays, Mar 26 – May 28 (9 classes*)

*No class on Apr 16

Teaching Artist: Beyvan Schantz

Open To: All Experience Levels

In this class, we’ll be throwing and handbuilding, and every day there will be challenges! These challenges will involve prizes, so you don’t want to miss this one. Come try out some new techniques and show off your skills. This one is open to anyone—if you’ve never touched clay before or if you’ve been throwing since you were 2, this class is for you.


MCG All-Stars

Thursdays, Mar 27 – May 29 (8 classes*)

*No class on Apr 17 & May 8

Teaching Artist: Jeff Guerrero

Open To: All Experience Levels

The MCG ceramics studio is not just a great facility for making pottery, it’s a veritable art exhibition. Have you ever found yourself staring at one of the amazing ceramic pieces on the shelves and wondered, “Who made that, and how?” Well you’re in luck, because in this class we’ll begin to explore these amazing pieces and draw inspiration from the works left behind by past visiting artists. Come prepared to listen, learn and to get your hands dirty!


We Offer:

• An environment that is a safe, nurturing sanctuary for creative expression;
• A climate that instills pride, personal value and hope;
• Student strengths are used to determine direction and goals;
• Relationships are the heart of the process;
• Successes are celebrated.

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Our varied studio courses and workshops offer great opportunities for:
• skill development;
• critical thinking;
• experiential learning;
• preparation for careers and higher education;
• individualized mentoring;
• portfolio development;
• educational travel;
• service learning;
• scholarship help.

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