Yellowstone Trip 2019

Photography Studio

I come to MCG to help expand my skills in art and to enjoy other students’ and teachers’ work, company, and criticism.

Ceramics Studio

“Why do I come to MCG? I come here not just because I love doing all the classes here. But I’ve been here for years, since 6th grade, so I have a lot of memories.”

Digital Studio

“I come to MCG because it is such a good opportunity. I love it like I love art. It is inspiring, refreshing, and FUN!”

Design Studio

“I want extracurricular activities and to be able to boost my portfolio. MCG has the resources for an artist like me to explore and make mistakes.”

Visiting Artists

Watch to learn more about Adam Chau’s Visiting Artist Workshop.

“I come to MCG to learn new things everyday. Learning new skills creates opportunities for me.”

College and Career

“The environment is very fun for me and I love all the people like family.”

Virtual MCG

Thank you for a great year!